Hunuvat Hubs

Help society to prepare for new epidemics


Hunuvat Hubs are rapid reports from policy experts around the world, targeting key issues in health and human rights. Using the latest innovations in information technology, we connect experts and community leaders from around world to review existing data and research, and identify real-time solutions to the challenges facing us.

Hunuvat Hubs are a way for us to help society to prepare for new epidemics and to anticipate the ramifications of new technologies - even at their conceptual stages - articulating how they might impact our lives, and be used for the greater good of humanity and the planet.

Our priorities between May and December 2019 are below. These will be updated soon to explain more about their goals and how you can be a part of the hubs.

  • HIV Testing - The case for self testing as an entry point for both prevention and care (May 2019)

  • Access to Advances in PrEP - adapting new technologies for hard-hit communities (including women and girls in sub Saharan Africa & men who have sex with men, and trans communities in South East Asia) (July 2019)

  • Elimination of Viral Hepatitis in Africa - we have the tools, do we have the political will to end HCB and HCV across the continent (September 2019)

  • Regional Health Guidelines Leadership - ebola has shown that regional health collaboration on implementing the latest science is crucial to getting ahead of new infectious disease threats. How might the existing framework for setting health guidelines be transformed? (December 2019)