Social Enterprise


A Social Enterprise Committed to Doing Good



Hunuvat is part of the new generation of social enterprises, which employ the energy and determination of the private sector, with the mission and passion of the community sector.

At least all 15 per cent of our gross income is donated back, in money, expertise and time, to the causes we believe in.

Actually, social enterprises have a long history rooted in the tithing found in many of the world’s main religions. We have been deeply influenced by the ancient Judaic practice of ma’aser rishon, Islamic Zakat, and Christian tithing practices (found especially in the English christian socialist movements, and surprisingly by many progressive members of the Church of the Latter Day Saints in the USA).

Hunuvat, however, is is no sense a religious-affiliated organization. We are devoted to supporting affirmative action in women’s leadership, people of color and the LGBT movement.

We also believe in transparency in business affairs, and thus, for the record, our areas of support area as follows:

Contributions of in-kind and time:

  • promoting international leadership of indigenous communities in the response to AIDS

  • supporting California East Bay prostitutes education and information, as well as access to health services for people of color

  • supporting the development of union rights and partnerships for independent consultants.

  • promoting access to medicines, diagnostics and services to at risk, marginalized communities in South East Asia

Our financial contributions

  • San Francisco Community Health Center

  • California Prostitutes Education Project

  • Alameda County Food Bank

  • AIDS Project East Bay

  • San Francisco AIDS Foundation


  • Pug Rescue of Korea

We do not offer a grants program and do not solicit funding requests.

We are fundamentally opposed to and do not make corporate political contributions to any political campaign. However, individual consultants of Hunuvat active politically in a personal capacity, unrelated to our business.